Dog breeding Center

In a lush landscape with ample parking close to town, we operate DOG TRAINING SCHOOL NICK MIRTSEV, also as hotel for dogs and cats. A place created with special care for our beloved four-legged , to give them education and hospitality.
With years of experience since 1991, the school undertakes appropriate methods that require in-depth knowledge , patience and love for animals , educate the faithful friend. Everything happens according to the characteristics and personality of each animal, and according to the needs of its owner.


The training lasts 1-2 months and is determined by the goals set and the objects of education.

Pet Taxi Transfer

Safely we carry your little friends with or without escort anywhere with Pet Taxi
Basic obedience, storage space, bodyguard training can be done in all dogs regardless of breed. Starting at the age of six months and involves the training of the owner the right " handling " of the dog.
Includes learning from 10 to 15 orders and lasts 1-2 months . O ultimate goal is to become the owner of the dog trainer . There is also a possibility of home education.
The training prison for adult dogs is usually over 12 months. A prerequisite to a preceding basic obedience . For education for the protection of the owner and his family members as well as the storage living space of the dog. Education of high standards for people in need. The dog learns to have constant vigilance for the safety of the owner. (Eg perimeter guarding his owner down the street at night) . They are the ones that will protect and sacrifice their owner when requested. Also , good guards are the ones who will notify the owner for any violation of their sovereign space
Guard dog is neither a dog barking uncontrollably , but not a dangerous dog is ready to attack anyone. The dog warden must have a perfectly balanced character , and through the training , you will learn to activate the instincts of protection for your family or the site , only when it is absolutely necessary.
The training prison for adult dogs is usually over 12 months. A prerequisite to a preceding basic obedience

Food Refusal, behavioral problems

By educating " Refusal to feed " the dog learns to eat a certain way, the saucer and within a specified time . This way does not eat food from the soil or from foreign thus not compromised if someone tries to throw poison.
The " refusal of food " can be done as part of basic obedience or separately . It is one of the most difficult cases education and the success of the owner should strictly follow the instructions of the trainer for some time. Usually this type of education is a degree in the field of National K9 and maintained by the owner of the dog at home.
Training the dog to behave in an acceptable manner from the earliest possible age , prevents many behavioral problems. However , even the best trained dog can become habits that could prove embarrassing or unpleasant even in the most tolerant owner.
If for any reason you are concerned about your dog's behavior , act immediately. Some behaviors are so antisocial and even dangerous , so it is clear that must be addressed immediately.
The most common problems faced by owners as excessive barking , destruction of the house like digging and chewing , aggression in animals and humans, chase, escape and wandering to unknown places, people jumping up , storage of food , pulling the strap, enthusiasm visitors etc. can and should be treated immediately and effectively for the good of us all. Our knowledge and expertise in our psychology and behavior problems of the dog is sure to provide a solution to your problem.